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This system comes with a stainless steel 11L Extraction Column and a stainless steel 3.8 L Recovery Column. Additional glass extraction and recovery columns are available as pictured.

Soxhlet Extraction is a quantitative approach to plant extraction. It endures long run times but ensures the highest yield and highest potency. In herbal processing, it makes a strong tincture in as little as 3-6 hours rather than the typical 3-5 weeks for a maceration.

These systems are the largest soxhlet extractors around. Built with alchemical philosophy in mind, these protect any heat sensitive chemicals all while making sure the volatile oils cannot escape. This is a hermetically sealed vessel that operates under vacuum. Vacuum distillations create lower boiling points making extraction safe and effective for you and your plant extracts. The water jacket prevents any possibility of burning the extract during extraction or solvent recovery.

Three Systems in One

  • Solvent Extraction (Alcohol or Water)

  • Solvent Recovery (Alcohol or Water)

  • Distillation  – Essential Oil, Hydrosol or Spirits Distillation

Solvent Extraction: This is done via soxhlet extraction. Solvent is evaporated under vacuum and re-condensed above the herb column with a condenser. Pure distilled solvent (ethanol, methanol, water, etc) is continuously flushed through the herb. The extracted compounds collect in the bottom chamber while the solvent continues to recycle through the herb. This ensures you get a full spectrum extraction at the highest yield possible. The system is run until the resulting tincture is relatively clear as it comes through the herb column. At this point you have extracted almost all of the components from the plant. These soxhlets do not have a siphon tube. Extraction times are manually operated with a drain valve at the bottom of the extraction column. The drain valve can also be left open for continuous percolation style extraction.

Solvent Recovery: Once the extraction is complete, the herb column is emptied of plant material and replaced with a smaller column and external drain valve (included in purchase). With the herb column drain valve closed, the system will now recover the solvent from the extract. Our extractors come with a water jacketed base to ensure you cannot overheat/burn your extract. The system now runs like a vacuum oven but will recover the solvent used in the extraction process. This recovered solvent can be used again for the next extraction.

Distillation: Any solvent extract or fermented mead/beer/grain can be added into the base and distilled to high purity with the additional parts included for solvent recovery. This can also function as a steam distiller by placing fresh herbs and water in the base and distilling under vacuum for essential oil or hydrosol distillation.

These extractors require a heating system, cooling system and vacuum system.

A step by step instructional manual is included with purchase. Installation diagrams for plumbing the heating, cooling and vacuum systems are also included.

Please Note:  An introductory distillation course is necessary if you have never used a soxhlet system before.

Lead time is 1-2 weeks depending on stock.

Soxhlet Extractor Specifications:
Run Time – Run times are between 3-12 hours.
Condenser Size – 4 inches diameter
Extraction Capacity – 2.9 gal/11 L
Recommended Vacuum: -9-16 kPa
Solvent – Ethanol/Water Only (this will not work with butane, propane or CO2)
Base Capacity – 4.5 Gallons/17 L

Requires Additional Equipment:
Water Cooling System (30 degrees F lwt & 2500 btu/hr for 1 gallon condensation/hr)
Water Heating System (150 degrees F & 6kw minimum)
Vacuum System (4 CFM Minimum)
Cold Trap
Vacuum Regulator

Contact for shipping estimates for your location. If purchased online, shipping costs will be calculated and due before shipment. Pay by check to save on credit card processing fees.

Buyer assumes all responsibility of using the extractor. Limited consulting on the system is available. There are no returns on extractors. 


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