50 Liter Extraction & Recovery System



This 50L Extraction and Recovery system is built to be adaptable to multiple applications. With proper installation of chilling and heating systems, the jacketed extraction vessel allows temperature controlled extractions in addition to operating like a soxhlet extractor. The addition of a vacuum system allows solvents to be distilled at controlled temperatures based on the regulated vacuum pressure.

The extraction vessel is fitted with a sequential filtration system consisting of a filter stack and an inline filter strainer that allows the easy extraction of fine powders. With the simple turning of the Main Control Ball Valve, the extraction vessel can be vacuum drained, and then the extract can be vacuum distilled for multiple extractions with the same solvent much like a soxhlet extraction system.

The system has many uses and functions with a small footprint consisting of temperature controlled extraction, vacuum filtration of extract, vacuum distillation and solvent recovery.

This model is equipped with a water jacketed distillation base with a 1.5” drain port for easy draining of purged extracts.


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