150 Liter Distiller



Our 150 Liter Distiller comes with all silicone gaskets with a 150L total distillation capacity. This system pairs well with our 150 Liter Extraction Vessel or our 50 Liter Extraction Vessel for high capacity extraction.

The recovery vessel and the extract vessel come with 1.5″ ball valves for easy removal of the extract or solvent. We can custom build out manifolds for attachment to multiple extraction vessels for higher capacity systems.

Required Power Systems & Recommended Outputs:

Cooling System: 5 Ton Chiller – Low Temp 30F LWT
Heating System: 15 KW Water Heater (150F)
Vacuum System: WELCH 1397B-01, DUOSEAL, 115V 60Hz 1Ph, 17.7 CFM Belt Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump


Achieves 12-15 gallons of distillation per hour. Note: Different solvents and extracts at super saturation can change distillation rates drastically.


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