150L Complete Extraction System



Our 150L Complete Extraction System comes with 3x 150L tanks – one for extraction, one for distillation and one for solvent recovery. This system is everything you need to extract up to 150L of volume! This is usually between 30-70 lbs depending on the density of the herb.


Capacity –
150L Recovery Vessel
150L Distillation Vessel
150L Extraction Vessel

Extraction Vessel comes with a 6″ filter plate and inline filter for work with powders.

Distillation Rate –
10 Gallons Per Hour with 25,000 BTU Heating &  25,000 BTU Cooling System

Power Requirements –

Recommended Cooling System:
ChillXChillers – 5 Ton Low Temp Chiller – 29,000 BTUs @ 30 Degrees F Leaving Water Temp

Recommended Heating System:
Hubbell J615S 6 Gallon Compact Booster Heater – 15kW, 240V, Single Phase – 51,000 BTUs – adjustable up to 180 Degrees F

Recommended Vacuum System:
Belt Driven Welch 1397 Duoseal Vacuum Pump, Evolved Alchemy Cold Trap & Evolved Alchemy Vacuum Regulator

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