Welcome to Evolved Alchemy

Where science meets spirit…..

Based in the Rocky Mountains; Evolved Alchemy started in 2015 as the first spagyric herbal extraction company in Colorado. The founder – Warren Kistenbroker – quickly gained popularity through teaching classes on herbal alchemy in the Boulder/Denver area. With a background in organic chemistry and electrical engineering, he has pioneered advanced methods in extraction, distillation, chemical synthesis, testing, encapsulation and production of different end products.

In 2017 Evolved Alchemy started offering extraction equipment as well as custom products for white label clients. Evolved Alchemy proudly manufactures spagyric supplements, tinctures and salves for over 25+ companies.

Through spagyric preparation; new compounds are created through an ancient process of separating and purifying the medicinal compounds of herbs and then reuniting them back together into a chemically and energetically potentized form.