Custom Product Manufacturing

Evolved Alchemy offers custom product manufacturing with an expertise in the extraction and formulation of custom herbal products. Our custom extraction equipment allows us to meet different methods of extraction providing complete control over the production to help meet the desired end product goal.

Evolved Alchemy offers ethanol, water and organic solvent extractions as well as the ability to further process these extracts into isolated, purified and crystallized herbal compounds.

We have the ability to produce in bulk:

  • Size 0 capsule supplements
  • MCT based tinctures
  • Alcohol based tinctures
  • Salves
  • Fragrances (essential oils and absolutes)
  • Herbal Extract Infused Oils (high potency for dilution)
  • Herbal Extract Infused Honey
  • Dehydrated Herbal Extracts (Herbal Concretes)

We also offer bulk production including the packaging, labeling, sealing, coding and shipping of product. Contact us for a custom quote via email –

Our Background

Our expertise is typically within the spagyric preparation of herbs. This method ensures the highest quality extract in terms of chemical profile and energetics. It involves creating a liquid extract of the herb which captures the medicinal compounds in the plant. The leftover plant marc is then incinerated to an ash and minerals are extracted from this ash and reintroduced back into the liquid extract. This causes a chemical reaction between the minerals of the plant (from the ash) and the medicinal compounds (from the liquid extract) which create compounds known as esters and carboxylic acid salts. Both of these compounds are known as prodrugs within the pharmaceutical industry due to their enhanced bioavailability. By combining plants alchemically, we create more effective and bioavailable versions of certain compounds.

Why Evolved Alchemy?

When it comes to experience, Evolved Alchemy was the first and only high output producer of spagyric extracts back in 2015 – since then we have expanded into the retail and professional markets of practitioner only products specializing in Chinese Herbal Supplements and beyond. Our passion has always been to make high quality alternative medicine and some of these products are best understood in the hands of Doctors and Practitioners.

Warren Kistenbroker – the founder of Evolved Alchemy – has extensive lab research experience in organic chemistry, chemical synthesis as well as electrical engineering. After discovering certain chemical reactions inherent in the spagyric approach of extraction and subsequent reaction of purified herbal constituents; a new understanding of spagyrics was born in terms of botanical drug delivery and enhanced bioavailability. Through this understanding, we take care and pride in making products the best way possible in order to get all the active medicinal constituents found in a formula into an enhanced state.

Our services are perfect for companies that want to focus primarily on sales and marketing without investing in the equipment and knowledge of spagyric extraction, encapsulation, formulation and bottling. We will do the hard part for you. We specialize in taking your product formula all the way to packaged, labeled, sealed and dated product ready to be shipped and sold. We can also ship bulk capsules and tincture for you to package and label yourself too.

What do you need to get started?

  • Product Formula*
  • Product Potency – (servings per unit in amount of extracted herb per serving)
  • Product Packaging
    • Product Labels

*Product formula must be approved by a Certified Herbalist and/or a Chinese Herbal Practitioner.

Looking to get a custom formula created for your company? Contact our recommended Herbalist – Courtney Cosgriff.

Once you have everything ready to go, please contact us for a quote on production.

Business Phone: 720.476.9282