What is Soxhlet Extraction?

A soxhlet extractor consists of a Boiling Flask, Vapor Arm, Condenser, Extraction Chamber and a Siphon Arm arranged in a particular way. The arrangement allow simultaneous – distillation, condensation, extraction and filtration. This allows efficient extraction with freshly distilled solvent which can extract and dissolve many compounds including compounds that are mostly insoluble in the solvent. This makes soxhlet extraction the go to method for extraction of botanicals on a large scale.

Our Soxhlet Extractor Pro is our stainless steel version of the typical glass soxhlet with much larger capacity, functionality and all parts can be disassembled and put into a dishwasher (except for the base and condenser). It typically comes with a 24″ long x 6″ diameter stainless steel extraction thimble with 11 liters of capacity. This can fit 3-7 lbs of herbal material depending on the density (The one shown above is outfitted with our optional glass – 10″ extraction chamber. ) Instead of a siphon arm that can get clogged and be hard to clean, we have a manually operated ball valve that controls the dwell time of solvent in the extraction chamber. The boiling flask is a water jacketed – stainless steel base with 17 liter capacity complete with a 1.5″ bottom drain controlled by a 1.5″ ball valve.

Our 150 Liter Distiller paired with one of our extraction vessels (150L or 50L capacities available) is our version of a much larger scale soxhlet extractor. The parts layout is the same consisting of a 150 liter boiling flask, vapor arm going to the condensers where the distilled solvent is then collected. The solvent can be pulled into a 150L or 50L extraction vessel via vacuum where the dwell time of solvent in the extraction vessel is controlled. Once adequate soak time is achieved, the extraction solvent is then drained and filtered as it goes into the 150L distillation vessel via vacuum (yes all solvent movement is controlled via vacuum for the safest method of transferring solvent between vessels). This system can extract up to 50-100lbs of herbal material per day depending on density of material and soak time needed. Since it is vacuum controlled, distillation of solvent only happens when vacuum is applied making it a negative pressure system capable of distilling 45-60 liters of solvent per hour.

The bottom of our extraction vessels can be outfitted with different filtration components to achieve quick and efficient filtration of solvent before it goes into the distiller. Shown above is our 50 liter extraction vessel with a 6″ filter stack going into a 100 mesh inline filter. The solvent is vacuum suctioned out much like a large Buchner funnel.

We are also able to custom build extraction equipment to your desired needs as well as being able to offer schematics and designs for all electrical, plumbing (chilling and heating), and vacuum lines to and from the extraction system and power systems. Feel free to reach out to our extraction expert and founder of Evolved Alchemy at warren@evolvedalchemy.com