Our Story

About The Founder

Founded by Warren Kistenbroker in 2015, Evolved Alchemy was created as a hub for alchemically based; supplements, topicals, extraction equipment, product development and product fulfillment. The company was primarily created to create competition in the dietary supplements market place by creating high quality spagyric based products available to white label companies. Evolved Alchemy offers custom extraction services to create one of a kind products. We focus on working with companies who want to stand out from the rest and we work with them to ensure their products are different and unique.

Evolved Alchemy manages several companies within the dietary supplements market place while also organizing local events at Lux Elixirs – A pop up Alchemical Bar. Many of our business models involve vertically integrated companies from manufacturing to retail. We aim at creating sustainable alternative medicine companies while also integrating with the local community to showcase art, music and other herbal companies. Evolved Alchemy is a hub for creation, advancement and revolution.

In addition to these businesses, we also actively invest and invent new technologies in the alternative energy market. Evolved Alchemy aims to create working alternatives to power generation based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Philo Farnsworth and other innovative and revolutionary scientists and inventors. Warren believes that sustainability within medicine, food and energy is possible and only a matter of time, energy and money.

By supporting Evolved Alchemy, you are also helping invest in a new future of clean energy, food and medicine. Our studies of alchemy shed light on the true nature of reality and these concepts are actively applied.