Stem Fusions

Striking Innovation

Stem Fusions Began When Craig Sahr and Mimi Sahr met Warren Kistenbroker of Evolved Alchemy.

Craig and Mimi are tirelessly dedicated to finding real products that can help real people. Through their experience working with doctors and practitioners; they created different formulations manufactured with Evolved Alchemy’s unparalleled methods of herbal extraction and potentiation.

Through real person feedback and testing of different formulas the first Stem Fusions product was born. By mixing a proprietary blend of algae and hemp extract, a new innovation was found. The synergy found was exceptional, unique and unprecedented. With this, Stem Fusions have helped people in all walks of life.

Stem Fusions will continue to find new formulas to produce and test. New products will be added after it receives feedback on its viability and effectiveness. This is the only pharmaceutical grade, whole plant extract based supplement line that exists.

We will continue to push the limits of efficacy in the supplement industry by creating real products for real people that make a real difference.

Enhance – Cleanse – Energize

Fusing The Superfood Powers of Algae With The Healing Powers of Hemp

By combining 3 different types of algae with hemp in spagyric extract form, we have created something that offers superior superfood properties and enhances the bodies ability to heal itself through nourishment of rare compounds found in algae along with activating the bodies endocannabinoid system with full spectrum spagyric hemp extract. The sources of each ingredient were meticulously sourced and extracted.

Through an energetic feedback system, we created the most optimal potency of each ingredient.

Product Specifications:

30 Capsules
400 mg Algae and 14 mg Hemp extract per capsule

Recommended dosage: Take one to two capsules per day as needed.

Ingredients: Spagyric Extract of Algae Blend, Hemp Extract and Organic Grapefruit Fiber in Vegan Enteric Capsules.

Encapsulated in enteric capsules for maximum bioavailability.

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