Saffron Spagyric Elixir




This Spagyric Elixir is made from Organically grown “Super-Negin Saffron” from Afghanistan.  Incorporating both an alcohol extract and water extract to combine all the medicinal compounds of the saffron into one elixir. Our Spagyric Elixir is made by combining the water and alcohol soluble compounds and then reacting them with the minerals found in the burned and calcined mark. This is a method described by Frater Albertus as the ‘First Order Elixir’. We then re-dissolve the spagyric extract in alcohol and water and add in some raw organic honey to sweeten the tincture for a delicious medicinal experience.

Each 1 oz Bottle contains 7.5 Grams of Organic Honey and 1 Gram of Saffron Stamens.
Each bottle contains ~170 flowers worth of stamens!


Dosage is 1-3 Droppers creating an uplifting and relaxing effect. Great for use as a calming tincture and can be used as an aphrodisiac with your loved ones. Add to a drink or cocktail for an exotic drink experience.

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Weight 3 oz


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