Evolved Hemp Essential – 30 Capsules – 25 mg/cap




Our spagyric hemp capsules are designed for potency, efficacy, and convenience. Containing only the highest quality, organically cultivated hemp, these capsules deliver our beyond full spectrum hemp extract at its full potential. Containing all the plant’s original constituents (cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and more), our Evolved Hemp capsules are powerful.

*Our current available cultivar / hemp strain for all the capsules is LIFTER – grown by Botana – Paonia, Colorado.

Ingredients: Spagyric extract of organic hemp infused in organic grapefruit fiber encapsulated in enteric vegetarian capsules.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

25 mg, 50 mg


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