150L Thin Layer Evaporation System



Our 150L Thin Layer Evaporation System comes with 3x 150L tanks – one for extraction, one for distillation and one for solvent recovery. This system is everything you need to extract up to 150L of volume! This is usually between 30-70 lbs depending on the density of the herb.

Thin Layer Technology – This system uses a sprayer at the top of a heated column to spread the solvent over the column in a thin layer, as the solvent is injected into the distiller it evaporates at extreme efficiency. This system is best for specific plant extracts high in oil content and is not recommended for other herbs with more water soluble compounds.


Capacity –
150L Recovery Vessel
150L Distillation Vessel
150L Extraction Vessel

Extraction Vessel comes with a 6″ filter plate and inline filter for work with powders.

Distillation Rate –
10 Gallons Per Hour with 25,000 BTU Heating &  25,000 BTU Cooling System

Power Requirements –

Recommended Cooling System:
ChillXChillers – 5 Ton Low Temp Chiller – 29,000 BTUs @ 30 Degrees F Leaving Water Temp

Recommended Heating System:
Hubbell J615S 6 Gallon Compact Booster Heater – 15kW, 240V, Single Phase – 51,000 BTUs – adjustable up to 180 Degrees F

Recommended Vacuum System:
Belt Driven Welch 1397 Duoseal Vacuum Pump, Evolved Alchemy Cold Trap & Evolved Alchemy Vacuum Regulator

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