About Evolved Hemp


About Evolved Hemp

All our products are made at 8,474 ft in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area in the small town of Rollinsville, CO. In collaboration with Evolved Alchemy, Evolved Hemp strives to bring you the highest quality hemp products possible.

Evolved Hemp is a brand created and managed by Evolved Alchemy.

Featuring Regenerative & Organic Hemp Farms

We want to support the farms that are doing it right by showcasing their beautiful and craft hemp strains. Supporting sustainable hemp farms is important as the industry continues to expand.

Products Fully Tested for Potency and Contaminants

We produce products that are free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbials and mycotoxins. In addition, we also ensure all hemp extracts are within 5% of the advertised potency. Since the FDA requirement is only within 20%, we have chosen to go above and beyond the rest of the market.

Combining Herbs with Hemp

The true power of healing is found in the synergy of plants. By creating hemp based herbal blends, we are fortifying the healing powers of hemp. These products are more balanced and amplified than any hemp only product.

Botanical Hemp Capsules

We focus on bridging modern science with ancient alchemy. By combining alchemical herbal extraction methods with a botanical drug delivery system; our capsules are balanced yet potent.

Strain Specific Hemp Oils

Fiber Based Hemp+ Capsules